Beyond Physical Death

While this Blog is primarily about dying, death (in the usual sense of death of the body)  and grieving–with Hope, I intend, from time to time, to deal with those “deaths” which are not the physiological death of the body. A similar dynamic of dying, death, and grieving occurs in the loss of a job, the end of a relationship–especially a marriage, the loss or change in a relationship to “Mom” or “Dad,” even moving from home or the city of birth. Losses come in many forms.

As we celebrate “Fathers’ Day” in America, I offer a reflection from the Series “This I Believe.” John Fountain, the author, begins,

I believe in God. Not that cosmic, intangible spirit-in-the-sky that Mama told me as a little boy “always was and always will be.” But the God who embraced me when Daddy disappeared from our lives — from my life at age four — the night police led him away from our front door, down the stairs in handcuffs.

Midway through his essay he states

I believe in God, the God who I have come to know as father, as Abba — Daddy

I invite you to read his whole essay. For those of you who similarly grieve the loss of “father” whether because of physical death, circumstances such as John describes, or in other circumstances, I pray that you will find, as John did, “the God who embraces” you, God as “father, as Abba–Daddy.”

The God who embraced me when Daddy disappeared — an essay by John Fountain, Olympia Fields, IL, in the Series “This I Believe”

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