How to remember your loved one (Nov 1 & 2)

Image from Trinity Wall Street Page helping us to remember.

“We believe … in the communion of saints” we say. We pray for those who have died. We take St. Paul at his word that all who know Jesus are “saints.”

Depending on our spirituality we may remember those who died on November 1st “All Saints Day” or November 2nd “All Souls Day or the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed or El dia de los muertos”

No matter where you live, thanks to the internet and the hospitality of Trinity Wall Street in New York, you can remember your departed loved one and know they will be prayed for at Trinity Church over the next couple of days.

Go to their Event on Facebook: Day of the Dead Virtual Altar. Follow the “Simple Directions” there as you upload a photo and/or a remembrace. These are later incorporated into their Virtual Altar of Remembrance and on November 1st and 2nd the community that gathers (not to mention the online community who will browse the Virtual Altar) will pray for all the Faithful Departed.

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