Father’s Day, Without Dad

This is from the Hospice Foundation of America. While it is aimed at Father’s Day (now past) the tips offered are timely for any holiday (July 4th, for example), anniversary, birthday, or special event in your life or the life of those you love. So, as you read “Father’s Day” substitute the special day that is ‘tender’ for you, for your family, friend, or loved one.

Actually, Father’s Day can be a difficult time for someone grieving the loss of either parent. It also can be awkward for friends and family wondering what to do with – or say to – the grieving person on this special day. We hope that you will join those who have found the following suggestions to be helpful in similar circumstances.

Read the entire post.

Download the complete tipsheet for you or for someone you love, including Support for you and Support for a friend who has lost a father. Reminder: substitute, as necessary, mother, aunt, child, sister, brother, for the word father in the tip sheet knowing that the advice given for father’s on Father’s Day will serve you well.

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