Are you a caregiver? Introducing a new resource to you

Today I have added a new link You Mean, Besides the Cancer? to the See Also section in the side column. The blog continues the book by the same name and subtitled “A Caregivers Journey” written by Bob Marcotte. While Bob and his wife Carole lived in Palm Desert we met and worked together at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church. We have kept in touch after their move to Fresno.

Bob began to seriously record this journal/journey in January 2011. Both on the blog and in the book he states one of his hopes: that the book can “shortcut the learning curve that sliced me to shreds.” Currently Carole’s chemo treatments have stopped the spread of her cancer. As Bob posted on 6/21/12 “Before starting chemo, the cancer was spreading. That was THE compelling reason to start chemo. The newest scan shows the spread stopped. In the cancer game, a draw is sometimes a win, and for us, it felt like a very hard-earned win.” from Scans, Plans, and No Guarantees on 6/21/12.

Both the book and the blog are unapologetically honest. The book and the continuing blog remind me of the Book of Psalms in our Bible: honest expressions of praise and thanksgiving, of fear and doubt, of hope and despair. Bob’s act of writing and sharing—even the darkest moments—give me hope. I believe you will find hope, too.

The cover of the book (being) written by Bob MarcotteI commend the book and the blog to you who are caregivers. My guess is that in the journal/journey you will find Bob expressing something you have experienced, something you wish you could have said but didn’t as words failed you. If you are someone supporting a caregiver you will find a keen insight into the ups and downs of being a caregiver.

Read from the blog: You Mean, Besides the Cancer?

Consider purchasing the book

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