No matter when it happens…

…loss of a pregnancy can be devastating

“It is an event in my life that I will never forget. I woke up one morning and after four weeks of nausea, fatigue and strange cravings, I felt “normal,” which seemed wrong. Everyone reassured me there was no reason to worry. I’d seen a strong heartbeat at a six-week ultrasound, I’d had no cramping or bleeding, and it is normal for pregnancy symptoms to fluctuate. But I just knew in my gut something was wrong.”

Read her entire post No matter when it happens on the Huffington Post

The psychological and emotional impact of miscarriage is generally overlooked in our society

From this introduction Erica Berman tells of her miscarriage and of the time after that event.  She is candid. Her words may make you uncomfortable if you have never encountered this situation. If you have been in her place (as a woman, a spouse, a parent) you will quickly understand the truth of her words.

Overall, this is an excellent article to find comfort, if that is sought; to find wisdom in order to provide understanding and support, if that is needed; or to find insight about the wilderness landscape of body, mind and spirit that follows such a loss.

Erica, at the end of her article, includes a half dozen references for further reading.

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