Trusting in the mystery of …

… The One Who Does Not Pass Away

One of my favorite daily reads is Fragments of Your Ancient Name: 365 Glimpses of the Divine for Daily Meditation by Joyce Rupp. This is her meditation for August 18th. It speaks to my questions and I pray that it will speak to yours. I do trust “The One Who Does Not Pass Away;” as you well know, some days it is easier than others. Today, with Joyce, I will seek to ‘let go.’

Dorothee Soelle
the writer who has inspired today’s ‘title of God.’

All those useless queries of mine
When a dear one departs this life,
My wondering about the “where,”
The “perhaps,” the “if,” and the “how”
Of their now disembodied existence.
All these unanswerable questions
I hand over into the mystery of yourself,
The One Who Does Not Pass Away.
Take these endless wonderings of mine.
Tuck them into your eternally alive heart.

Today: I let go and let be what is unanswerable.

Joyce Rupp. Fragments of Your Ancient Name. Kindle Edition.

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