When I read this …

… I first thought of those I love but see no longer. Written by Steven Charleston, a (retired) Bishop of the Episcopal Church it seems intended for someone yet living. I chided myself a little before thinking that I have friends, coworkers, loved ones, now dead, who are still living and still guiding and still giving me good example. I do indeed find them just around the corner. I do indeed find them inspiring me still.

I speak these words to them who accompany me along the way; ‘saints in light’ and ever present to me in the Communion of Saints. Perhaps you know someone to whom you can speak these words?

Begin-quotex7152Just when I think things have gotten so bad that there is very little room left for faith in this world, I turn a corner and there you are, still smiling, still believing, still trying to make a difference. You inspire me.

And that thought alone should be a blessing: that you are a source of inspiration. For me. For others. For all who know you. You are a living witness to what a human life can be when lived in a sacred way. Even when the going gets hard, you never let go of your vision. I want you to know how much that means to those of us who follow your example.”

The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, Choctaw, 4/9/2013
on Facebook: Native American/Indigenous Ministries of the Episcopal Church

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